Clean-Air Core Aeration

Our Clean-Air Core Aeration service is one of the most beneficial ways that you can improve the health of your lawn! Especially when doing so without the harmful exhaust, produced by small gas engines, going into the cores that were just pulled to allow oxygen into the root zone of your turf grass! Our all battery-powered equipment typically pulls 2-4" plugs from your lawn.

This helps to break up soil compaction, redistribute the nutrients in those plugs throughout the lawn, and allows water to penetrate deeper into the soil for stronger and deeper roots for the turf and nearby trees and shrubs, as well as creating near-perfect growing conditions for new seeds, should you choose to pair the service with our overseeding at the same time. All with sound reductions of 2-4x less than the typical gas machines!

Pulling cores also helps to stimulate and encourage the growth of rhizomatous turf types such as Kentucky Blue Grass, Perennial Rye, and even Zoysia Grass which are all common grass types in our area. Be sure to get sign up today for your Clean-Air Core Aeration!


Lawn thatch is organic matter, such as grass clippings, rhizomes, stolons, or stems, that haven't quite broken down yet. This organic matter forms as a layer on top of the soil surface between the soil, and the leaves of the turf grass. It is beneficial to have a small layer of thatch, as this helps to retain soil moisture, suppress weeds, and add beneficial microbes to the soil.

As that layer builds up over time, it can have reverse effects on your lawn. Several different, common, grass types in our area travel and spread in your lawn via root networks called rhizomes. If this thatch layer is too thick, this will prevent these desirable turf types from spreading and thickening up your lawn. Dethatching also helps to remove the extremely invasive, Japanese Stilt Grass. This is due to the shallow root systems of the Stilt Grass.

The best time of year to have your lawn dethatched is when the turf is actively growing. In our area, this is in the spring time or the fall due to our primarily cool season turf types. This service is very beneficial by itself, but is well paired with our Clean Air Core Aeration, Overseeding, and Sprinkler System Rental for best results to thicken up your lawn!

During Dethaching"
After Detaching "

Premium Overseeding

Sustainable Land Solutions uses premium grass seed chosen specifically for your lawn's conditions. From full sun to full shade, our trained technicians will apply the right seed for the right areas on your lawn! To optimize the chance of successful germination and establishment, we recommend adding our Watering System Rental service as well!

Watering System Rental

Sustainable Land Solutions will setup and maintain hoses, timers, hose splitters, and/or sprinklers to water newly aerated and overseeded turf areas until established, minimally 1-2 months.