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    Snow Removal

    When it comes to Snow Removal, look no further! We’ve got you covered, or rather uncovered! SLS offers our clients snow removal based on YOUR needs! Whether you’re an on-call first responder or you’re working from home and have no rush to leave the house anytime soon; we offer priority-based snow removal options to fit your needs! We provide our snow removal services exclusively using only snow throwers, shovels, brushes, and spreaders! We understand the value of your property and choose to use equipment to protect your valued assets from the damage of heavy plows that scrape your paved surfaces and compact snow into your beautiful hardscaping, landscaping, and of course your lawn! Whether you have a freshly paved driveway, cobblestone driveway, flagstone walkways, upright edging, or freshly paved sidewalks and aprons. You’ll never have to worry about large metal blades scratching up, pushing over, or breaking through your investments.

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